To mark its thirtieth anniversary and to highlight the achievements of its partners, the Research Park presented the inaugural Research Park Awards.  These awards are for people and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the mission of the Research Park.  On October 2nd, Chairman Bruce Rosetto presented the inaugural awards during the 30th Anniversary Celebration.

The Distinguished Organization award is given to an organization that helps maximize the academic and entrepreneurial talent and regional resources in South Florida to accelerate economic development and prosperity.  Since 2013 the Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research (Florida Institute) has funded 42 companies that are based on research coming from our state-funded institutes.  It has leveraged $13M of state funding into almost $60M in private capital investment.  It is a phenomenal force in the economic development of our state. 

The Distinguished Leader award is given to a leader who supports the Research Park’s mission with an investment of time and wisdom.  This first recipient served the Florida Atlantic Research and Development Authority from before its creation until 2007 as a Member, serving a total of twenty two years.  Mr. A. E. “Bud” Osborne is a leader who exemplifies a commitment to accelerating economic development and bringing prosperity to South Florida.

The Distinguished Researcher award is given to a researcher who is leading by inventing and innovating.  This first recipient has had an enormous impact on his field, and has created a quality improvement program that assists long-term care facilities in improving care, and reducing un-necessary hospitalizations and their related complications and costs.  This has resulted in the creation of a new company that was assisted by the incubator, and is working with healthcare facilities around the country.  Dr. Joseph Ouslander has been endorsed by noted clinicians and researchers both from FAU and institutions such as Northeastern University and Emory University. Our inaugural recipient of the Distinguished Researcher award is professor and senior associate dean for geriatric programs at the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, Dr. Joseph Ouslander.


The Distinguished Entrepreneur award is given to a leader who is taking the innovation and invention and creating substantial economic impact.  This first recipient has led his company since shortly after its founding, and has taken it from a collection of good ideas to being the largest tier one supplier of electromechanical aircraft window shade systems.  It is today a company headquartered in the Research Park employing more than a dozen FAU graduates among its more than 140 employees, building its revenues every year and constantly challenging FAU to partner with it in the development of more and more advanced systems for aircraft.  Under Mr. Simon Kay’s guidance Aerospace Technologies Group (ATG) has become the recognized leader in its field, sought after by all the major airlines and aircraft manufacturers.  The company has become an invaluable member of the Research Park and valued partner to FAU.