On October 2, 2015, the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University celebrated its 30th anniversary aboard the Biscayne Lady at the Boca Raton Resort & Club.  The event drew 200 local business leaders and policymakers to commemorate 30 years of accomplishments for the Research Park and 15 years of start-up success for the Technology Business Incubator.  In the run up to the event, we were honored to receive so many testimonials from individuals that have contributed to the Research Park's success over the years.  Below is a selection of testimonials and photos from the event.


The Research Park at Florida Atlantic University is a strong engine of economic development, working closely with FAU to attract innovative young companies to South Florida. It is imperative for our state and nation to lead the evolution of the worldwide knowledge economy. This is a central focus of the Research Park at FAU and of the University itself. The synergy that we’ve established delivers great benefits to tenant companies and to our faculty and student researchers as they participate in the development of new technologies. FAU’s partnership with the Research Park is a key element of our 10-year strategic plan. We’re working together to take South Florida into the best of all futures. 

- John Kelly

President, Florida Atlantic University