Stadson Tech

Stadson Technologies is the developer of a safety software suite, HelpN.  The software is designed to increase the safety of users by creating a link between end-users and University campus safety personnel.  Using the app, a user can instantly and discreetly send information about an incident to campus safety personnel.  




Owl Educators


The Owl Educators vision began with founder and experienced tutor, Neil Parsont’s determination to simplify the process of connecting tutors and students, while addressing the needs of both. He believes students deserve a qualified and safe tutor with whom they can communicate and pay directly. The current marketplace, however, often prevents initial communication with tutors, requiring students to rely on third-party companies for recommendations. These third parties take up to 40% of a tutor’s revenue, leading to inflated rates.  Owl Educators connects tutors to students via flat-rate membership fees for tutors.  Owl Educators then provides marketing, training, and business support to its network of tutors and students interact with and pay their tutor directly.