Scale-up South Florida


Scale-up South Florida is a collaborative partnership between the Research Park at FAU and GrowFL providing support to second stage companies that are approaching growth in our region. Strategic Research puts the capabilities of a Fortune 500 company's market research department in the hands of a second-stage business for the purpose of accomodating growth.

Companies in the Scale-up Florida program are paired with a team of highly skilled and licensed researchers that assist them in identifying real growth challenges, as well as potential opportunities in areas related to core strategy, market dynamics, qualified sales leads, innovation and temperament. Each team member works virtually from offices across the state through an online collaboration tool to send you reports and data lists to implement at your own pace. The research specialists leverage business intelligence tools including corporate databases, geographic information systems, SEO and web marketing tools to help second-stage companies:

  • Identify market trends, potential competitors and unknown resources.
  • Map geographic areas for targeted marketing.
  • Raise visibility in search engine results and increase web traffic
  • Track websites, blogs and online communities to better understand competitors as well as current and potential customers.
  • Refine their core strategy and sustainable competitive advantage.

Through out the program and upon completion, companies are presented with facts including potential concerns and/or opportunities that the entrepreneurs then take and apply to the growth strategy of the company. 



Who Should Apply?

Companies who qualify:

  • Are headquartered in South Florida.
  • Have between 6 - 100 employees.
  • Are generating revenues between 750K and 50M.
  • Are preparing for growth/expansion.
  • Have developed innovative technologies in healthcare, environmental science, software/cloudware, smart systems or engineering.
  • Have demonstrated proof of market.

Participating companies must:         

  • Complete program from start to finish – 6-8 months (20 active/engaged hours). Your commitment is critical to the success of this program and most importantly, the benefit to your company.
  • Have CEO and key management team participate throughout the entire program.
  • Watch framework videos (core strategy, market dynamics, qualified sales leads, innovation and temperament). Framework videos provide entrepreneurs and their team with a thorough understanding of how these areas impact businesses – knowledge that can applied throughout the life of a company. ·        
  • Participate on monthly 1 hour calls.


Please contact Christine Burres to apply.


The Research Park at Florida Atlantic University is licensed through the NCEG, operated by the Edward Lowe Foundation


About GrowFL

GrowFL was created in 2009 as an economic development program focused on assisting second-stage growth companies prosper in the state of Florida.  By providing strategies, resources and support to second-stage companies for next level growth through Strategic Research, Peer Learning and Leadership Development, GrowFL helps companies overcome obstacles to growth and leads them towards prosperity. Based on the philosophy of Economic Gardening®—to grow existing businesses in a community, region or state—GrowFL, the Florida Economic Gardening Institute, is a critical component to the state’s economic development strategy and Florida’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.  GrowFL is a statewide economic development organization certified by the National Center for Economic Gardening through the Edward Lowe Foundation.  GrowFL has assisted more than 900 companies through the Strategic Research and CEO Roundtable programs and recognized 300 successful entrepreneurs through the annual awards program, Florida Companies to Watch.  Learn more at