Pivotal Therapeutics


Pivotal Therapeutics LogoA new TBI arrival is particularly exciting: Pivotal Therapeutics is a publicly traded company in Canada (CNSX:PVO) that established its US office for commercialization and market development in June 2011.  The company is focused on developing new medical foods and supplements to treat cardio-vascular and is in the process of setting up collaboration agreements with the Schmidt College of Science and the Schmidt College of Medicine at FAU.

“Pivotal’s long-term goals of continuing to develop cutting edge medical foods for the treatment and management of cardiovascular diseases should benefit greatly from our ability to enter into collaborative research and development agreements with the fine institutions available to us in South Florida,” said George Jackowski, Ph.D., Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer [1].


[1] Pivotal Therapeutics Negotiates Exclusive Rights to Key Diagnostic and Appoints Agent for Clinical Trials, June 2, 2011