Technology Business Incubator Companies


Aventusoft is a medical device and software company creating portable medical monitoring solutions for cardiac and neurological conditions.






Biim Ultrasound is a Norwegian company developing point-of-care wireless, pocket-sized ultrasound devices with touchscreen monitors for ease-of-use, making ultrasound available for physicians regardless of location.





BBG is an independent, secular organization, founded in 2006 with the objective of uniting and strengthening the Brazilian business community in South Florida, especially Broward and southern Palm Beach counties, where a large part of the community is concentrated.


Certified, Inc. is a third-party Country of Origin labeling verification company. The company also specializes in the development of supply chain traceability technology.

“Do you know where your food comes from?”




SECNAP Network Security (CloudJacket) develops and provides next-generation information technology solutions that enables business to be conducted securely and privately on the Internet. Their security technologies are significantly ahead of the industry in intelligence, performance and ease of deployment—effectively detecting, analyzing and preventing cyber threats as they develop. The level at which their solutions perform has essentially obsoleted the zero-day threat for SECNAP clients.


Connected Warriors is the largest volunteer organization in the United States offering evidence based Trauma-Conscious yoga therapy to Servicemembers, Veterans and their Families at no cost. 



Daruma Tech is a full-service software application designer and provider that improves customer engagement through mobile applications, software development and marketing solutions. As software developers constantly improving customer engagement we utilize exciting, new marketing and analytical platforms that use the latest cloud-based, mobile and web technologies including “augmented reality”, iBeacons and geo-location applications.  



DECORA is a Brazilian company creating digital interior design solutions for retailers using proprietary technology platform and crowdsource community of 4,000+ designers. Decora’s proven technology increases revenue for retailers by enabling fast and efficient interior designs, eliminating the need for staging and photography, as well as real-time customer and sales analytics. 




Easymetering is an Ecuadorian company that develops advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). The Easymetering platform integrates metering device hardware, firmware and software, enabling companies to use, manage and control metering data transmission.




EcoSouLife® is a leader in the development and manufacturing of biodegradable materials. Our products are as dynamic and diverse as the lifestyles of the customers we serve. Our sustainable solutions include household reusables, outdoor products, food service disposables, single-use consumer goods and b2b contract manufacturing. Made from plants that are sustainable like bamboo and palm leaves, we offer hundreds of products spanning every available range of biodegradable technology and without compromise - Tree-free, melamine-free, BPA-free and plant based. ~ Safer for you. Safer for the Planet™


Everyware connects consumers to businesses using mobile-enabled communication features and location-based technologies, supporting a two-way, value-driven relationship that drives traffic, promotes loyalty and generates referral business.





The Institute is a non-profit organization that supports new company creation based on publicly-funded research. The Institute connects and enables 3rd parties to evaluate Florida based university created technologies and facilitates the commercialization process for these discoveries to enter the marketplace. 




FloSpine is a medical device company designing innovative spine implants and instruments, providing surgeons with quality products that result in improved surgical outcomes.





   GameChangerTec provides customized programs to increase individuals overall wellness, athletic performance and quality of life. Gamechanger’s unique approach of studying big data analytics on genomics, biochemical, anatomical and cognitive composition of healthy and high-performance individuals is redefining how we approach health conditions.



Go Team Travel (GTT) is a group travel solutions company focused on servicing all aspects of University, professional and advanced-level club sports team travel.  GTT's core concept is to deliver both financial and operational value to clients while simultaneously reducing their workload.  Operationally GTT's experienced staff  remove the burdens associated with planning and executing local, national and international team travel, burdens which are usually the responsibility of a coach or other Athletic Department administrator, thereby freeing up staff to focus on their primary coaching responsibilities.




Gustie Creative is a full-service design firm, retail design strategist and design innovator, creating unique brand experiences through disruptive retail.



KinaTrax develops a markerless motion capture system that tracks the skeletal movements of a baseball pitcher in-game at over 300 frames per second. The KinaTrax system is currently installed at multiple Major League Baseball stadiums including the Chicago Cubs' Wrigley Field and the Tampa Bay Rays' Tropicana Field. KinaTrax employs proprietary computer vision and machine learning algorithms to accurately track the kinematics of the pitcher without the need to affix markers to the body.


Nesvio - Worldwide Advance Hyperspace Leader Television is a hyper growth online live content distribution platform company with a business model of Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distribution with a receiver. WAHL TV delivers the best solution instead of cable and satellite companies worldwide while providing international communities the opportunity to stay connected with country of origin, heritage, culture and language.



New World Angels (NWA) is a group of private investors dedicated to providing equity capital to  early-stage entrepreneurial companies in Florida.




The South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) promotes the growth, success & awareness of the regional technology community. Through events, networking, programs & education, they provide South Florida’s technology community with an active forum to grow the business of technology in our region.

TapImmune is an immune-oncology company specializing in the development of innovative peptide and gene-based immunotherapeutics and vaccines for the treatment of cancer. The Company combines a set of proprietary technologies to improve the ability of the cellular immune system to destroy diseased cells. These are peptide antigen technologies and DNA expression technologies, Polystart™ and TAP.


University Research & Review LLC, a company led by former university presidents and CEOs, is an “incubator within the incubator,” having developed three online-based startups over the past four years. bestows J.D. Power-like awards on deserving colleges and universities; provides career advice to underprivileged youth ages 16-24; and offers guidance to those considering enrolling in college or changing careers.





Valid Technologies - the customer-proven solution to replace complex passwords with centrally managed fingerprint biometrics - virtually everywhere.  So you can add the security and convenience of powerful, proven biometrics to virtually any logon and any application, from the web to green screen.




Yachtico – With more than 16,000 pre-selected and fully insured charter yachts Yachtico is the world's #1 yacht charter booking portal for sailboats, motor yachts, catamarans and house boats. With +1,000 professional local partners we offer affordable yacht holidays with a captain or bare boat  in +2,000 destinations such as Mediterranean or Caribbean. Learn more:

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