University MRI


Worthy of highlight is the work of University MRI with FAU’s faculty.  Collaborative endeavors with Dr. Fred Steinberg of University MRI have taken many dimensions over the years, and have been extremely fruitful, resulting in presentations, published articles, student MA and Ph.D. theses, and funded grants. 
Research projects have been undertaken in the fields of the neural mechanisms underlying behavioral coordination and its breakdown; uncovering the neural circuits involved in human timing and quantifying their context dependence; investigating the neuro-physiological and anatomical basis for cognitive deficits and recovery of function following from mild brain injury; investigating neural mechanisms involved in learning disabilities; the role of music in reducing cognitive confusion in the elderly following knee and hip surgery; understanding rhythmic processing in humans; basic physics integrating several brain imaging methods; and using advanced imaging techniques to understand anatomy and function in endangered and threatened species.  These projects have involved a dozen FAU faculty members from various colleges. 

Four students have completed their master’s or doctoral theses collaborating with University MRI, and eight funded research projects are underway or recently completed involving the company.