Erik Mintz – Founder & CEO, e2M

“As an Early-stage company, I would never been acquired without the assistance of the TBI. It’s never just one thing, but a series of activities that helped me achieve a successful exit. This includes things like mentoring, introductions to investors, great facilities, and interaction with other tech startups. It was a great experience!”

Larry Talley – Founder & CEO, Everyware

“We are excited to be a part of the innovation taking place at Research Park. The TBI is just the place to help drive our cutting edge mobile application to the next level. It is the ideal startup environment for Everyware with access to hands-on mentoring, deep knowledge of development, a partnership community and access to FAU talent and events. We are already very happy with the office space and enjoyed the warm welcome as soon as we arrived. We are looking forward to being a part of the team here at Research Park.”


Scott Adams – Chairman, Integrity Tracking (DBA MobileHelp)

“FAU’s College of Business prepared me well for my entrepreneurial journey since graduating. Being able to locate MobileHelp in the Research Park is an ideal solution for me, having studied at FAU, served on the Board of Trustees, the Foundation Board, and many other advisory councils and committees, as well as establishing the Adams Center for Entrepreneurship. The collaboration that we have started with the College of Engineering’s Center of Advanced Knowledge Enablement (CAKE) has allowed our company to accelerate a key product development initiative to the point where we are now better prepared to move forward with deployment.

MobileHelp has grown and matured rapidly since moving into the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University to the point that we are now considering incubating new ideas within the company that could potentially become spin-out tenants in the Technology Business Incubator.

All of the concepts that we are nurturing are related to our core philosophy of building quality products, listening to our customers and being responsive to their needs. We are, and always will be, a customer driven company. Our employees are encouraged to be innovative and to constantly throw out ideas, and we have implemented an internal review process to ensure that every stakeholder has an opportunity to be heard. To continue with our long term growth, we have initiated a process to develop an enhanced quality assurance processes (ISO 13485) which is a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. We have to balance these needs with the core philosophy of being customer centric, responsive and innovative.

The current economic climate has facilitated new opportunities to be innovative. With finite resources, many families are struggling with keeping their aging parents or relatives in their own home and maintaining their desire to be independent, thereby reducing the cost of long term residential care. We are responding by integrating new offerings to enable them to meet their needs. The growth in home health technologies and the uncertainty in overall healthcare policy in the US have presented us the opportunity to grow and meet the market demand.

The Research Park is a great interface between the business world and the University community for us, and is a place for to us to grow, collaborate on R&D and find great people to work with us.”


Tim O’Loughlin – President, Pace Americas

Graduate from Florida Atlantic University, Bachelor’s in Business Administration, 1997, and Master’s in Business Administration, 1998.

“I received my MBA and Bachelor’s degrees from FAU, and I am part of an FAU legacy – my mother also received her Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic. I always knew my education at FAU would lead to a productive career, but who could have predicted that that career would be based in Research Park at Florida Atlantic University!

I have now been with Pace for 11 years, and recently became the President of the Americas Business. Being so close to the University has provided an excellent opportunity for us to recruit student interns and attract recent graduates. We have a number of employees who are FAU graduates, and many of our student interns have converted into full-time employees. We have had a successful symbiotic relationship with the University, and we are constantly exploring how we can grow that relationship.

When Pace considers the current economy, we approach it from a macroeconomic standpoint because our customers are spread throughout Latin America, the US, and Canada. There have been pockets of phenomenal growth in Brazil and Argentina, and we are starting to see recovery, and even growth, in the American and Canadian arenas. To some degree, our business is recession resistant. Subscribers and customers continue to pay for TV and High Speed Internet service, and our devices enable that. We continue to be profitable throughout not only South Florida, but the US, Canada, and Latin America.”


University MRI

Worthy of highlight is the work of University MRI with FAU’s faculty. Collaborative endeavors with Dr. Fred Steinberg of University MRI have taken many dimensions over the years, and have been extremely fruitful, resulting in presentations, published articles, student MA and Ph.D. theses, and funded grants.

Research projects have been undertaken in the fields of the neural mechanisms underlying behavioral coordination and its breakdown; uncovering the neural circuits involved in human timing and quantifying their context dependence; investigating the neuro-physiological and anatomical basis for cognitive deficits and recovery of function following from mild brain injury; investigating neural mechanisms involved in learning disabilities; the role of music in reducing cognitive confusion in the elderly following knee and hip surgery; understanding rhythmic processing in humans; basic physics integrating several brain imaging methods; and using advanced imaging techniques to understand anatomy and function in endangered and threatened species. These projects have involved a dozen FAU faculty members from various colleges.

Four students have completed their master’s or doctoral theses collaborating with University MRI, and eight funded research projects are underway or recently completed involving the company.