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 Art of Technology

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Art of Technology provides on-demand technology leadership to SMBs and other organizations that may not require a full-time CTO. We also specialize in software product development for web, mobile and connected apps. We bring a unique combination of long-term vision, elegant solutions and quality execution through years of experience in marketing, business processes and information technology.









Health care for your heart. Making high-value cardiac evaluation, accessible and affordable. Better home monitoring, pre-screening before cardiac catheterizations, and accurate cardiac consultation,



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In Básica we use human centered design and data science as tools to help different companies and brands to accomplish new milestones, but with every single challenge we have set the same goal, to find a better way for the organizations to do marketing and improve the world through every action.

With Básica Magnet, an Artificial Intelligence, and data science platform we are set to attract all the good things for your company.




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CloudLabs produces CloudLabs®️ laboratory simulators for experiencing virtual learning environments based on STEM model (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and vocational areas (Agriculture, programmable automata, Technology, electronic, process control, robotics, electrical networks, among others). These simulators integrate technology by using a methodology that prioritizes challenged based learning, making decisions and problem solving.


Daruma Tech

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Offering customized software development and support services tailored to your needs.


DNALabs Corp

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The DNALabs team are committed to developing safe and useful genetic testing products helping everyone know more about themselves.



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Our hardware, software and firmware brings benefits for electricity utilities and energy producers.




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The industry leader in spinal implants.

       We've Got Your Back®


Gustie Creative

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Gustie is a design solutions provider on the forefront of disruptive retail. They recently launched Create Disruptive Retail, the premiere design platform devoted to creating innovative disruptive retail solutions for brands, businesses, agencies and non-profit organizations.



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Award-Wining Global Advisory Services Firm consprised of results-driven change leaders & technologists focused on execution excellence




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 Telemental Health Care When And Where You Need It.




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Brazilian IT company and Dell Partner


Ultimaxx Health






To change the lives of those, who have no hope.



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Leading international supplier of semiconductor substrates and services.



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World’s #1 Yacht rental 






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